Here’s that time of the year again… Benicàssim! It was ages ago that you got the tickets, flights, train to Beni… And now everything seems to be ready to live the summer of your life! Tent/Hotel/Apartment ✅ Mates ✅ Stage times ✅ Sunscreen ✅ Festival mood ✅✅✅

And just as every other summer, you have decided to stop partying for a while (or maybe not) to visit our waterpark. Or maybe you’ve decided to try those colourful slides for the first time. Whether you are an experienced Fib-goer or this is your first time ever, here’s our guide for the perfect Aquarama experience:

    1. We’re open from 11 to 19h. That means you can spend the day with us and get ready for the night gigs just in time. You have eight hours of water fun, slides, sunbeds, delicious waffles, nice food and, why not, the best nap ever…
    2. Yes, we’re just a walk away from the campsite. As a professional FIB-goer, you’re more than used to walking to the beach and back, walking to the supermarket and back… We’re a lot closer than that. If you decide to use the public transport, stop at Carmelitano and we’re just 10 minutes away. Just remember to take a hat if it’s too sunny
    3. It’s cheaper if you buy in advance (and online). Come on, we’re making it easier to come to Aquarama cashless. You can get your tickets online in advance to get a better value and avoid queuing. Check our Waffle and Kebab packs if you’d like to try our top dishes for less.
    4. Yes, we have lockers. And wifi. And sunbeds! But you’ll probably know that if you’re a regular. We also have a cashless wristband this year and you can use it throughout the park without having to worry about carrying euros or a credit card with you. And no, sunscreen is not included but strongly recommended. Remember to apply sunscreen every now and then and to stay hydrated.
    5. You can bring food with you… But there are several restaurants and cafes to choose from and they are the perfect break from festival food. Don’t forget to try our waffles, they’re a classic in the area!