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Of course! There are a few... as well as our famous Waffles!

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Yes, no problem. just inform the staff at the box office and at the gates.

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Yes, we have lockers and a cloakroom for keeping your stuff.

Are there any special conditions for large groups?

Yes there are, if you're interested in receiving information, get in touch by email: and we'll fill you in on our conditions for groups and schools for this summer

Is there a car-park?

Yes, and what's more, it's free!


Opening hours 2017

Open till the 10th of September!

Sunday to Saturday from 11am til 7pm

CTRA. NACIONAL 340 - KM.986,8

AP-7 salida 45 (Oropesa) y AP-7 salida 46 (Castellón Norte) | 902 998 711




Click in the photo to see its info. Click the dots to change rides and click again to flip the photo over and see a short description, or see all the Rides

The River Adventure

The River Adventure

A Winding river for all of the family. Go down the river on individual or double rubber rings and let yourself drift down until coming to the river’s mouth, don’t sink!

Black Hole

Black Hole

An underground river set in the middle of the park where you could possibly be in space. Do you dare to sail down the hole in complete darkness? You can go on your own or with friends. If you fancy even more excitement you can go down on a mat if you feel like a challenge.

Surf Dunes

Surf Dunes

Six slides that all finish in the same splash pool, five friends and you, who will win? Race down these giant slides and if you would like to go even faster rent and mat and give that a try.

Mini Dunes

Mini Dunes

Race down these just as the Surf Dunes, these are great for the smaller ones in the family.

Wrapped Up

Wrapped Up

Two slides that wind down locked around each other from the top to the bottom. Will you be able to take the speed and vertigo?

The Pirates Cave

The Pirates Cave

Only the most adventurous young ones will dare to enter the pirates cave to try and find their treasure hidden in their shipwreck along with the pirates. Minimum height 0.90 meters for the pool and 1.10 meters for the slides (Always accompanied by an adult)



A ride that literally swallows you up. Slide down within the Boa’s body to try and find a way out. Don’t be fooled by its inoffensive look.

Ground Slides

Ground Slides

Soft sloped slides for all of the family, a great way to start your day.

Wave Pool

Wave Pool

A sea of fresh water with waves included, chill out and regain your strength until you are ready to take on your next water adventure but be careful because a huge bucket of water could fall on top of you at any moment.

Kamikazes (Big Slide and Earthworm)

Kamikazes (Big Slide and Earthworm)

These two giant slides set at a steep angle are so fast you feel like you are flying across the water. A brave challenge only beaten by The Devil’s Drop

Twin Twister

Twin Twister

4 Entwined slides that form a thick plait give you a sensation of being stuck inside a tornado.



A relaxing area full of lakes and pools with crystal clear waters set amongst tropical vegetation. This area is great for relaxing and having a game.



This is one true space launcher, the only one like it in Spain. Climb 60 meters into the sky in less than 2 seconds. Only in Aquarama will you be able to take on gravity like this.

The Whirlpool

The Whirlpool

Is it a Giant Funnel or a huge washing machine? Yes this huge slide will make you feel like you are in “Honey, I shrunk the kids” as you slide around on your own or on a double rubber ring.

The Devil’s Drop

The Devil’s Drop

Do you dare to take on the tallest and steepest Kamikaze slide in all of Europe? At 30 meters high which is the same as a 10 storey building it gives you a shot of adrenaline.



The most feared octopus of the most intrepid sailors of all time awaits you at Aquarama… do you dare to face him as in the Pirates of the Caribbean? Only the bravest will dare to slide down the four 1.10m slides that roll around and around as your slide down the octopus tentacles and jump out onto the trampoline.



A magical space for the little ones. Their first splash with mum and dad.

Crazy cubes

Crazy cubes

Watch out! When you least expect it a bucket of water will empty itself out on you!


The most entertaining Waterpark in the Mediterranean is in Benicàssim, where we make the best waffles in the world!



More than 45.000 square metres of fun for all the family

Salto Diablo


'The Devil’s Drop' is the highest kamikaze slide in Europe, falling more than 30 metres at 62 degrees

Space Shot


The 'Space Shot' is a space flight lift off simulator

Cala Pirata

For all the family

Special areas for the youngest of the family like 'The Pirates Cave', 'Mini Dunes' or 'Chiquilandia'



There are many areas for those who prefer to sunbathe and relax like the Wave Pool or an area near 'the Lakes'

Para Todos

For everyone!

We also offer important discounts for unemployed people, large families and other socially disadvantaged groups

For more information, visit our FAQ



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  • Wifi throughout the park Wifi throughout the park

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